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Stalker_Zero's Sniper Cannon Mod Project (Ghost Recon)
Project History


Click on the gun

This site is a tribute to the NTW-20 20mm anti-material rifle from South Africa as well as showing off of my pics for the sniper cannon mod project for Ghost Recon. It is an album showing the progress of each model as they are being completed.   I plan to include the big gun as well as a few choice secondary guns and/or equipment.  The goal is to create a mod that makes the Realistic M82 Mod by Maniac_Bikerdude seem weak in comparison.  Click on the link above to examine the model pics and email me as to your opinion of them thus far.   Be gentle. This is my first modeling attempt.
Click on the pic of the gun above for more information on this powerful weapon.
Update 12/04/02 
Clicking on the LATEST UPDATE link on top of this page will open up a new browser window for you to look at the new pics. Or click on Photo History to see how I started out.



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